What is the Husky Herald?

The Husky Herald is an independent, student-run, online and print monthly news publication dedicated to the University of Washington Bothell’s student body community. Since its debut on October 13, 2008, it has grown rapidly, producing daily content that is relevant and interesting to students. It has proven to be UW Bothell student’s number one resource for information regarding campus events, Husky sports, student clubs & organizations, and much more!

“The Husky Herald serves to inform and educate the growing and diverse University of Washington Bothell community through student-centered and innovative journalism. Using the 21st century popular model of convergence journalism, Husky Herald integrates best practices across all disciplines, programs, and interested community partners. Through this multimedia platform, Husky Herald deepens and broadens community engagement by providing leadership opportunities for students to report, write, design, edit and produce news creatively and ethically. It is the vision and goal of Husky Herald to develop partnerships and strategic plans that encourage a sustained and independent student voice. Finally, Husky Herald serves a public, particularly of students, by reporting relevant, useful, and interesting information that makes the university system and its resources more transparent.

Meet the Editors!


Hello! My name is Ashley Creech and I am the editor-in-chief of the Husky Herald for this upcoming year! I am currently in my third year at the University of Washington Bothell and am majoring in both Media & Communication Studies and Business Marketing, graduating in 2022. I am very excited about this year with the Herald and cannot wait to work with student contributors who are passionate about writing, reporting, and photography!

Some fun facts about me… I was a running start student in high school so I was able to take all my classes at Bellevue College for my junior and senior years. I have always taken writing classes, for as long as I can remember I have used my free time to write and I am excited to use my passion and skills towards the on-campus newspaper! 

I chose to use this icebreaker to introduce myself.

Two truths and a lie: 

  1. My hair has been every color of the rainbow
  2. I have never been out of the country
  3. I was in a rock cover band for three years

If you know the answer or would like to guess, email me at uwbeic@uw.edu!

Assistant Editor

Hello beautiful people of U.W.B., my name is Sanjevni Prasad and I am the assistant editor of the Husky Herald for this upcoming year. I am a Cultural, Literature, and Arts major hoping to graduate in fall 2020. I am the social media manager and article contributor for U.W.B. Her Campus, an online magazine for college women. 

I am ecstatic to see the articles and art pieces that all of you create for the newspaper. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to grow in the journalism world and be part of this amazing platform. My personal goal for the Husky Herald is simply to make it known; I want students to say, “have you read the Herald?”. 

I chose to use this icebreaker to introduce myself.

Two truths and a lie: 

  1. I have Polaroids of me eating Katsu burgers
  2. I can lift 100 lbs
  3. I always get lost and cannot get home even with the help of Google maps. 

If you know the answer or would like to guess, email me at uwbae@uw.edu!