Project Assistant For Student Engagement and Activities: On Campus Jobs

Hello, I am Nicole Farahdel and I am a junior majoring in Law, Economics, and Public Policy at UW Bothell. I have been working as a Project Assistant for Student Engagement and Activities for the past two years and would love to share my experience with the other students on campus. There are so many ways to become more involved at UW Bothell and working for SEA is one of them which I have really enjoyed! 

My role as a Project Assistant includes general office work, working on projects with our professional staff, assisting other organizations and clubs with supply checkout, printing/ laminating large posters and more. I work alongside the two other project assistants, Vannie Cao and Trí Nguyễn. We all work within the same role and work as a team together on given tasks. We also work on different projects we have interest in to divide the work.

My favorite part of the job is being able to connect with all my co-workers inside the ILO from the other organizations under SEA as well. The other organizations under SEA include: Club Council, Campus Events Board, Social Justice Organizers, and Student Media. I have had the chance to connect with all members and communicate with some of them daily. The friendships I have made in the workplace have made this experience so much better!

My co-worker, Tri, shared, “My favorite part about this job is that we’re able to work with a variety of people ranging from students to staff and it really opens up your understanding of a particular issue from different perspectives. Another thing I love about this job is the flexibility in the hours as well as the work that you can produce. People at SEA have a great attitude and work ethic, which is an essential part for your own professional development”. 

I have definitely come across more opportunities to become involved on campus ever since joining Student Engagement and Activities. I have become more aware of how I can be involved on campus through large scale events with CEB, dine and dialogues with SJO’s and much more. When I have time outside my busy schedule, I have been able to attend more events on campus and always have such a great experience! I have also gotten the opportunity to help at events when extra hands are needed. 

Working as a Project Assistant has included a variety of tasks and personally given me more experience with office work. I have also personally worked on projects with our helpful professional staff directly. The professional staff team have always been great mentors and I always enjoy being able to talk to them while in the office. It feels really great being able to assist the other organization’s team members and club members with preparing for their events. I have also really enjoyed learning how to print large posters for marketing and learning how to laminate them. 

Tri emphasized on how all students on campus can become more involved in different ways. He shared, “Students can gather with friends, find people with similar interests and then join the activities that are either provided by student clubs or organizations/departments on campus. Our campus has a wide range of activities from entertainment to academic, which are all inclusive and accessible to all students and faculties.” I am glad that I could share my experience as a Project Assistant, and if you are interested in working within this role in the next academic year, you can now apply. Student Engagement & Activities, as well as many other departments, is hiring now, for next year! 

Hiring in:

  • Project Assistants
  • Club Council
  • Student Media (Husky Herald, UWave)
  • Social Justice Organizers
  • Campus Events Board

Job Descriptions and applications can be found here!

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