50 Things to Do Before the End of 2020

Written by: Ashley Creech

  1. Try and make friends with the crows on campus
  2. Go to a festival
  3. Take yourself on a date
  4. Register for a class outside your comfort zone
  5. Buy a houseplant and not kill it
  6. Attend as many Campus Events Board events as possible
  7. Grow something you can eat
  8. Sleep under the stars
  9. Visit the Mcmenamins Anderson School Theatre on the weekend
  10. Attend a rally for something you are passionate about
  11. Join a club – or create one!
  12. Participate in a Social Justice Organizer’s Dine and Dialogue
  13. Study abroad
  14. Pull an all-nighter in the library during finals week
  15. Bike on the North Creek Trail
  16. Beat your best friend at Super Smash Bros
  17. Volunteer at the Campus Farm
  18. Sing your heart out with karaoke
  19. Spend too much money on coffee at the Den Coffee Shop
  20. Hike Mount Si
  21. Go on a roadtrip to Olympic National Park for the weekend
  22. Read a different book each month
  23. Host a radio show on UWave
  24. Donate food to the Husky Pantry
  25. Visit the Museum of Pop Culture
  26. Spend too much money on Boba Tea
  27. Get scared while experiencing a paranormal underground tour in Seattle
  28. Visit the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center
  29. Binge watch all the classic Disney movies on Disney+
  30. Attend an ASUWB meeting to get involved on campus
  31. Shot and edit a short film for fun
  32. Visit the Quantitative Skills Center the day before your exam because you haven’t studied yet
  33. Go to a food truck with your friends and eat lunch in the ARC
  34. Run in the UW Bothell Husky 5K
  35. Create a vision board
  36. Challenge yourself to cook a few meals a week meat-free
  37. Start shopping second hand at thrift stores and donate clothes you don’t wear
  38. Order sushi as often as possible
  39. Treat yourself to a donut at Countryside Donut House after a final
  40. Visit the Yakima Fruit Market and Nursery and buy fresh produce
  41. Take a yoga class
  42. Go to that doctor or dentist appointment you’ve been putting off
  43. Foster a dog
  44. Go skydiving
  45. Become an expert in Photoshop for making memes
  46. Write an article for the Husky Herald
  47. Submit a piece to Clamor by February 7th!!!
  48. Plant a tree for Trees for Neighborhoods in Seattle
  49. Spend an hour trying to find a parking spot before class
  50. Walk through the North Creek Wetlands while raining without an umbrella

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