Letter from the Assistant Editor: ASUWB Voting

Dear University of Washington Bothell students,

In the midst of a pandemic a lot is being asked of you, from balancing school, work and family all within the safety of your home. Without physically being on campus each weekday it is very easy to feel distant from UWB. Nevertheless, I urge you that your participation in the ASUWB student election is still very important. Though we all cannot be on campus our voices, concerns, and values still matter. 

Participating in student elections is excellent practice for state and presidential elections. You are asked to review the candidates statements,  descriptions of the government position’s, and analyze your own vision for the future of the campus. Voting for the ASUWB student election is a way for you, the student, to make an impact on the campus, next year’s student body and the life of the student’s that are elected. 

Elijah Nicolson, the Elections Committee Chair, shared a testimonial via email of his experience with this year’s ASUWB election.

“The 2020 Election has been a long effort, starting all the way back in September by researching how other schools conducted their elections. This year, the Elections procedures and processes had to be reexamined and retooled to promote a fair, just and honest election process. The Elections Committee, which officiates the Election process is made up of 6 students volunteers, myself, and an ASUWB advisor. So far the Election is advancing and the deadline for voting is quickly approach, Sunday May 1st at 11:59 PM is when the ballot closes, so be sure to vote!”

According to the ASUWB mission statement on the UWB site, members of student government are “the official representative of” student voice. If you want your voice heard, vote for the candidate who proposes a future for the campus that you envision yourself. As Nicolson stated, the election is ending this Sunday, so please vote. 

Here is the link to the ASUWB Student Elections page on the UWB site:

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