Joe Lollo’s Declassified Self-Quarantine Survival Guide

Written by: Joe Lollo

With the pandemic of COVID-19 showing little signs of letting up, it looks like it could be a while before our lives can go back to normal. Work and school are online, our economic future has the chance of being at risk, and as a result of both of these, having a constant stream of free entertainment has never been more important.

With that in mind, here are a load of great ways to keep yourself from going under this quarantine.

1. Be with friends! 

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, there has never really been a better time to be on lockdown. With just about everyone owning a smartphone or laptop with a webcam, you can stay connected virtually rather than physically. Your friends are in the same situation as yourself – and with just about everyone you ever connected with being on some form of social media, you can communicate and stay in touch. A friendly face can really lift you up – just a simple chat at a particularly low point can have a massive impact on someone. And you’ll never know because they could appreciate it too.

2. Get creative! 

To say nobody is creative would not only be pessimistic, but it would be a lie. Creativity is part of what makes us human, and working your creative muscles is not only entertaining but also therapeutic. It comes in many forms – writing, painting, drawing, playing music, even gaming! A pen and paper, or computer, are all you’ll ever need to get started. Let your imagination run wild!

3. Watch some new stuff!

If there’s anything I’ve been spending my time doing, it’s discovering new things to watch during these hard times. Movies and TV shows have the ability to squeeze out any and all emotions from us. They can confuse us, have us howling with laughter, or expand our minds and introduce us to new ideas The most memorable ones can do it all and lift you up during a hard time. With many Video On Demand platforms having more free films and shows, as well as streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock offering free trials, you can open your mind to many new ideas! And if you’re like me and are too indecisive sometimes, just rewatch The Office over and over again. It’s the things that make you feel good that count.

4. Learn something new!

With advancements in e-learning technology, the pandemic has caused educational institutions worldwide to go online, and a bunch of online educational programs aside from schools are at your disposal. With services like Shaw Academy (for art), Duolingo (for languages), Kahn Academy (for STEM), Masterclass (for many different things) being available online, there is a multitude of things you can learn or develop your skills in, and you can have the chance to learn something that is meaningful to you. I personally am learning how to cook and improving my music production skills through Masterclass, a celebrity-taught service that is definitely worth the hype.

5. Take some online quizzes!

Since lockdown began, more than a month ago now in many places, loads of people have stepped forward with various ideas to keep you entertained. One of the more popular to emerge is the live stream quiz. Social media quizzes have taken a few forms, but broadly speaking, they can be classified into two groups: interactive applications (like Kahoot and Jackbox) that you start with your friends and “good faith” live streams with many people playing.  This is another way that you can stay up to date with all your friends, by doing quizzes with them through social media, and if you like to be challenged these are definitely worth your time.

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