President Cauce This Morning: Preparing for Tomorrow and the Weeks Ahead

Written by: Madeleine Jenness

In an email sent campus-wide this morning, President Cauce discussed preparing for the election tomorrow, and the stress, potential uncertainty and potential violence it poses to our community.

She describes that for the days ahead, it is important for us to remain grounded

This includes:

-Eating healthy meals


-Engaging in mindful or spiritual activities 

These resources are available through UWB with the Husky Pantry, Arc Fitness, and UWB Counseling. SEA will host a Practicing Self Care event on Nov 4th.

“Although it may be tempting to stay glued to the television or social media, it is important to pull yourself away from time to time, as too much screen time will only exacerbate the stress.” -President Cauce

She concludes by recommending exercising care when leaving your home after the Election. Saying to “Be thoughtful about outings and be aware of your surroundings when you do venture out.”

She recommends that if you haven’t yet, you download the UWSafeZone app, and sign-up for UW Alerts. 

“As we have at other difficult times in our country’s history, the UW always finds a way to pull together. We can and will again.” – President Cauce.

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