Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Written by: Sanjevni Prasad

“There are different types of domestic violence, it’s not always sexual.”

-Dr. Kari Lerum

A topic that many are ashamed to talk about or scared to label as domestic violence. On October 15th, a panel of Cascadia Community College (C.C.C.) and University of Washington Bothell (UWB) staff worked on exploring this phenomenon. 

The Events & Advocacy Board (E.A.B.) and Campus Events Board (C.E.B.) hosted a viewing of the Beauty and the Beast. The audience was asked to view the film through a domestic violence lense. After the showing, students were able to share instances from the Disney classic that constituted as Domestic Violence. 

Viewing the film as an adult through the specific lense was an eye opening experience for multiple audience members.

The event also included a discussion panel facilitated by U.W.B. Violence Prevention Program Manager and Advocate Elizabeth Wilmerding. The panelists were Health Educators Reaching Out (H.E.R.O.’s) members Amina Nasriin Issack and Rebecca Samuel, Licensed Mental Health Therapist Ann Ellis from the U.W.B. Counseling Center, Sociologist and Professor Dr. Kari Lerum, and Director of Student Advising and Support Services & Cascadia’s Conduct Officer and Chair of the C.A.R.E. team Gordon Dutrisac. 

The panel and hosts addressed the fact that domestic violence can be experienced in different ways by any person of any identity. 

The audience was informed of the multitude of complexities an individual can face in a domestic violence situation that can make it difficult to seek help. The panel tackled the societal pressures and culture that have allowed domestic violence phenomenon to continue.

The most important message was informing the audience about how to help someone. Wilmerding shared that if you learn your friend is experiencing domestic violence the best way to help them is to let them decide when is the right time and how much they want to share to remind them that they have control over their lives. 

Warm referral to UWB resources:

UWB Violence Prevention & Advocacy Program ManagerElizabeth Wilmerding is a confidential resource. Her priority is allowing the individual to direct their own actions. 

 Elizabeth Wilmerdingcan be found in HAWRC which is on the first floor of the ARC behind the receptionist desk.

Contact Info: 425.352.3851

Health Educators Reaching Out (H.E.R.O.’s) members Amina Nasriin Issack and Rebecca Samuel share information about violence prevention and can connect you to resources available. Sometimes talking to a student is the easiest step. 

Amina Nasriin Issack and Rebecca Samuel along with other members of H.ER.O.’s can be found in the HAWRC

Contact Info: 425.352.5190

Ann Ellis Licensed Mental Health Therapist from the UWB Counseling Center. All counselors provide free and confidential 24/7 support that enrolled UWB students can utilize. Counselors can help work on coping, self care and can connect students to more resources. 

Ann Ellis and other counselors can be found in UW1-080 hours: 8:30 am- 5pm 

Contact Info: 425.352.3183

Dr. Lerum disclosed that professors can direct students to the various sources on campus.

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