Heritage Night

Written by: Sanjevni Prasad

Heritage Night hosted by Black Student Union (BSU), Muslim Student Association (MSA), Latinx Student Union (LSU) and Filipino American Student Association (FASA). 

Heritage Night according to LSU’s Instagram post, “is an evening where students from all communities, countries, and cultures come together in celebration and unification.” BSU, the leader for organizing the night, specified on their Instagram that the event is “in celebration of Black History Month ” as Heritage Night was scheduled for February 27th. 

DJ Blast, who as stated in his site’s biography, combines Hip-Hop, Rap, and Afrobeats, set the tone of the ARC Overlook. Numerous students lined up behind the red curtains awaiting their country to be announced by DJ Blast. Students modeled their own country or a country they support and walked down the runway in cultural garments. DJ Blast and BSU president Kendra Harris created a supportive and kind environment; DJ Blast shared a unique fact about each country prior to the models’ walk. Models danced, fiercely stomped the runway, all with a smile. The audience was filled with family members, students, friends, club members, and faculty all of whom were shouting at the top of their lungs in support of every country that was announced. Models that finished their walk stood on the side and supported their peers. 

After the fashion show and provided taco dinner individual students took the mic to express themselves through song, spoken word poems, raps and speeches. Country representatives were also given extra time to present cultural dances to the audience. Cheers and supportive screams continued through each performance continuing to provide a supportive environment to express cultural diversity. 

Follow DJ Blast’s Instagram @ogblast

UWB Black Student Union Instagram @uwb_bsu

UW Bothell Muslim Student Association Instagram @msauwb

Latinx Student Union Instagram @lsuuwb

Filipino American Student Association sa University of Washington Bothell Instagram @fasa_sa_uwb

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